Practical Learning Path Level 1

Advanced Training in Logotherapy

This is the second of the required courses for practicing Logotherapy, and will equip you with the skills to apply Logotherapy in your particular field of work. You will be trained in both a clinical application of Logotherapy, for those practicing psychological counselling, and an educational application, for those working outside the mental health field.

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Who Can Enrol

Students who have successfully completed Basic Training in Logotherapy or the previous Intermediate Course in Logotherapy are eligible to enrol.

Course Developer

Advanced Training in Logotherapy was developed by Dr. Teria Shantall, a registered Clinical Psychologist who completed her training in Child Psychotherapy at the Tavistock Clinic in London. Teria was a student of the late Dr. Viktor Frankl who invited her to study with him at his first Logotherapy Training Center at the United States International University in San Diego.

What to Expect

This course consists of:

  • Five prescribed books carried over from Basic Training in Logotherapy.
  • Two prescribed books that you need to buy separately.
  • Feedback and interaction with your trainers.
  • Video introductions.
  • Reflections.
  • Typed assignments.
  • Practice counselling sessions.
  • A workshop or programme presentation.

Time Commitment

This course is intended to be completed over no more than 10 months. The goal is for you to complete at least one study unit per month.

This course has pure Logotherapy at its heart. By enroling and committing yourself to this course, it is up to you to respond with free-willed obedience. There is nothing forced.

What You Will Learn

This course teaches you how to use Logotherapy in practice, and is a prerequisite for admission to Professional Training in Logotherapy.


This course is on the Practical Learning Path. This means that it is intended for your personal and professional growth and counts towards a practical qualification. A final assessment mark of at least 75% is required to progress to the Professional Training in Logotherapy.

The course content is presented in text and videos from your secure account on this website. There are 10 study units based on the prescribed books. Each study unit requires you to write and submit an assignment. You will also be required to complete a workshop or outreach programme. There is an exam at the end of the course based on your assignments. The 10 assignments, programme and exam collectively decide your final assessment mark.

What You Need

  • A computer, tablet or phone with an up-to-date modern browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari. Please note that outdated browsers like Internet Explorer will not work correctly.
  • A word processor app such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Zoho Writer, LibreOffice or OnlyOffice.
  • Recommended minimum 3G HSPA data connection (1.5 Mbps) for video and audio streaming.

Our Credentials

VFISA is managed and supported by registered clinical psychologists and passionate, committed staff. The team has a broad range of qualifications, skills and experience—including psychology, medicine, philosophy, economics, business, finance, law and marketing.

We are in co-operative contact with Logotherapy trainers in Israel, Turkey and the United States, and our courses are accredited by the International Association of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis in Vienna.


The fee for the course is R12,500. Please note that this excludes the fee for the prescribed books which are to be bought separately.