Find a Registered Logotherapist

Andrea Orlin Illovo, Johannesburg 082 382 5345

Together we converse, create and curate, connecting mind, body and soul to inspire action. I bring passion for learning and creativity, challenging norms and seeking meaningful solutions. Let's navigate your journey with authenticity and energy, finding empowerment through our conversations. I work with women and teenage girls, with a special interest in the realm of grief. In-person and online sessions, workshops and talks.

Nokubonga Mbanga Glen Athol, Johannesburg 083 770 1434

I'm a coach, facilitator, and EQ practitioner specialising in Logotherapy. I help leaders find meaning and impact through values-driven coaching and training. If you're a driven individual seeking to make a difference while staying true to yourself, let's co-create a powerful, meaningful story for your life and work.

Danielle Rigas Edenvale, Johannesburg 071 889 9646

I'm a Logotherapy practitioner with a background in psychology, offering in-person and online counselling. I guide individuals of all ages to find meaning in their lives, helping them navigate personal challenges. My experience includes work with teenagers, adults, and new parents. If you're seeking support to overcome difficulties, please reach out.

Elma Bartlett Parkview, Johannesburg 082 920 0437

I'm a clinical social worker and an internationally-accredited Logotherapist with more than 35 years' experience in supporting people to find resilience and meaning. I believe that meaning can be found in loss, trauma or change. I'm a spiritual person and have a deep respect for all people and believe that each person or relationship has the potential to be great.

Mampotsang Monnanyana Bloemfontein 073 426 2225

i Tlhabolle: Mind, Body & Soul is an organisation that seeks to work with youth both in and out of school settings. The Logotherapy programme offered to youth is based on Guideposts To Meaning: Self-discovery; Choice; Uniqueness; Responsibility and Self-Transcendence. Youth exposed to logotherapeutic principles stand a better chance of making choices that resonate with who they really are.

Jackie Lyons Parkwood, Johannesburg 082 886 5026

I employ different logotherapeutic methods and techniques combined with hypnotherapy to facilitate internal tools for change and to find uniqueness and meaning, thus promoting mental wellness and vitality. I am particularly interested in helping clients find meaning at midlife and beyond.

Meba Kanda Polokwane

Achieving holistic healing for individual and community health and peace through the search for meaning.

Klasie Wessels Stellenbosch, Western Cape 082 554 4614

Coaching towards meaning, purpose and mindfulness. I use Logotherapy as the foundation of my work with a touch of Buddhist philosophy. I also facilitate mindfulness journeys to India coordinated with the Office of the Dalai Lama. Registered Master Coach with the Coaching and Mentoring Association of SA (COMENSA).

Nadine Van Rensburg Roodepoort 084 779 4889

Caring and committed counselling therapist with years of experience using a meaning and value-based approach to help people work through and conquer their challenges, fears and obstacles while discovering a happier, satisfied and more fulfilled life.

Sean D. Waters Gauteng 083 783 2949

Educator/Administrator in Logotherapy, Stress Specialist Practitioner, founder of Stress Less Clinic®, practising meaning-centred psychotherapy at work, stress and burnout interventions.

Sohanna Singh Pretoria 067 158 7543

Forgetting the YOU can be the ripple effect in one's life, where you have feelings beyond your comprehension and understanding, frustrations, depression, anxiety, stress or maybe a situation where you just cannot grasp why you feel the way you do. My part in your life is to firstly listen to you, allow you that safe space of comfort so that I can help you take control of your life in a way that YOU find the inner YOU again with the meaning you so desire.

Trevor Waller Johannesburg 082 348 5232

I have combined the philosophy of logotherapy with the best coaching tools to create a process in which individuals, employees and entrepreneurs are supported to achieve clarity and deal with issues that may be hindering their behaviour or performance. My work is focused on the present and future and is action-oriented, providing tools to make effective changes now.